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Can You Locate Someone By Mobile Phone?

With advanced technology, it is easy to locate someone using mobile phone. Earlier days, to track someone with GPS technology required you to buy an expensive software and hardware. Now, such equipment are not needed to make your track anyone. Now, a complete solution available through cellular service providers. You can easily trace a cell phone’s location. Significant steps made in the technology that is constructed to follow mobile phone location. This was actually developed to respond the number of emergency calls. Thus, with technology developments, you can easily track someone using their mobile number.

Reasons for Tracking Mobile Phone:

There are so many reasons for tracking a mobile phone location. Sometimes you lost your phone or stolen by someone and, you want to get a hold of it. Parents who concerned whereabouts of their children and, to keep a track of your kids for their own safety, tracking technology serves as a most helpful way for parents. Most of the companies often use such tracking technology, to have a eye on their employees.

Can You Locate Someone By Mobile Phone?

Yes, it is possible with the mobile phone locator applications. There are several websites that just need your mobile number to give you the location of such mobile phones. Even you can able to trace the mobile phone when the user travelling with the phone and, you can able to see the movement of mobile phone lively in the map. Live monitoring is much popular feature in With smart phones and other models are now developed with in-built GPS system, tracking becomes very much easy with it. You don’t require any hardware or software equipment to track someone.

Positionsbestimmung über GPSTriangulation Algorithm:

Cell phones will send a signal to the nearest tower known as ping. Tracking technology works by finding the last tower that your mobile phone pinged to and the nearest next tower having next level signal strength. Now using triangulation algorithm, how far you are located from the towers calculated. It will result in the formation of triangle shape between the two towers by joining the third point with your cell phone. The accuracy of this type of location may vary from a few hundred yards to several miles depending on distance from cell towers and propagation variables. Thus, your location is identified using triangulation system and, such technique is helpful if you are located far away.